Sure it’s Maine in (almost) January, but my iPhone tells me the temps are topping 40 today and 50 tomorrow. It’s a regular heat wave!

The logo alone tells you its great!

My advice? Get thee to the newly opened Gorgeous Gelato (434 Fore Street) and celebrate this balmy bliss with a creamy cold mound of sheer joy. I stopped in yesterday and tasted my way through half a dozen flavors (the proprietor will happily hand you mini spoonfuls to try) and each one was better than the next.

Wicked, wicked good. Or, more appropriately, “Molto, molto buona.” With recipes hauled from their homeland, the husband and wife team are crafting the real deal here. 

I nibbled a lush Panna Cotta, a nutty Pistachio and a few Italian favorites (A chocolate chip-ish Stracciatella and a fruitcake-like Bosco) before narrowing my choices. A rich, eggy Almond tempted me with it’s marzapan-like vigor, but I settled on the sensational Cinnamon.

Not too sweet or potent — but certainly not subtle — the flavor was far from the “red hot” style of so many American ice creams. Instead, it was pure spice.

My only mistake was pairing it with the classic Chocolate. Wonderfully dark and fierce, the intense cocoa strangled the softer tones of the cinnamon. I should have known better!

Made daily on site, Gorgeous’ gelato is whip-soft, fresh and concentrated.

If you question it’s old-world authenticity, simply chat with the owner awhile.  His charming accent (and firm opinions on espresso) will remove any doubt.

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