Almost a year. 13 restaurants. Lots of bad Pad Thai. Jumped the shark long ago. It’s finally over.

These muddled thoughts swam through my brain as I slogged out to outer Forest Avenue. My destination? The final stop in the Thai-o-rama campaign: Sengchai Thai.

Sengchai Thai's Panaeng Curry

Weighed down by 9 hours driving from 2 days of Irish pub debauchery in Nova Scotia, I expected to slump in my seat and force conversation with the rest of the blogging crew.

Instead, I found Portland’s (New England’s?) most enthusiastic waitress. She lifted my spirits and (warning – corny ahead!) made me appreciate the joy of living. Her somewhat forced litany of anecdotes and stories peppered the evening with a large dose of weird, slightly inappropriate and off-topic. I loved it. Jillian captured it nicely here.

The food? Better than some but certainly no Boda.

I ordered Tom Khar Gai and Panaeng Curry and found them both passable if unremarkable. Nice flavors but little to write home about. The soup was as thin as Lindsay Lohan’s excuses and the curry hardly registered as such. Medium spicy is tame here, folks.

Nibbles around the table told me that others ordered better. Uke’s Drunken Noodle offered the tangy punch that makes me appreciate cold beer (even watery Singha). Kate’s Larb Gai got all fresh and lemongrassy on my ass. A’s Pad Thai proved to be one of the better ones in town – complete with citrus! Jenner’s mind appeared to be underwhelmed by her Crab Rangoon – so I passed.

I left feeling cozy and satisfied, but I think that was mostly due to the company and the odd, bubbly service. The food was pretty good. Servicable Thai.

All and all – not a bad way to end.

Blogger’s Note: This post is the final (yay!) in a series of Thai restaurant reviews being conducted — and posted on the same day — by a group of Portland bloggers and writers. For other reviews, check out Portland Food Map.

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