I woke up this morning feeling two pounds heavier and had to question the wisdom of going to Duck Fat and Fore Street on the same day. But, with our BFFs (bestest foodie friends) visiting from away – what choice did we have, really? We only have 5 days to show them why Portland has received such culinary acclaim and I’m not about to fall down on that mission!

BFFs Dan and Shelley dig into Duck Fat fries

BFFs Dan and Shelley dig into Duck Fat fries

Watching someone bite into a Duck Fat fry for the first time has to be one of my favorite repeat food-lover moments. The pause. The stunned stare. The look of rapturous joy that accompanies such a pure guilty pleasure. And, finally, the statement – “that is the best freakin’ fry I’ve ever had in my life.”

Not to say that everything else at Duck Fat isn’t wonderful. It is. The duck confit and meatloaf paninis deserve thunderous accolades, as do the super-creamy shakes (especially, for me, the coffee one), but the fries are, without a doubt, the stars of the show.

Crisped to perfection in the thick grease that gives this little bistro its name, the fries are then lightly sprinkled with a peppery spice mixture, scooped into a paper cone and placed in a spiral metal holder. The heaping, steaming pile of love comes with a choice of dipping sauces. While the Thai Chili Mayo has earned top spot in my heart, the Garlic Aioli and Truffle Ketchup have their merits, as well.


Well, I’m off for a run. Gotta prepare for another day of gastronomic celebration.

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